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Special Events

We want to be a part of the special events in your life and assist you with any special needs that arise. Please contact the church office if you need pastoral care (as in cases of accident, hospitalization, death, etc.). The church phone number is (616) 669-5180 and the office email is Office hours are from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday through Friday, with voice mail available at all other times.


Baptism services are scheduled as needed. Please contact the church office.


Please contact the church office as soon as possible for availability since weddings are usually scheduled far in advance. Our Wedding Coordinator will assist with all weddings held at Georgetown. Pre-marital counseling is recommended.


Meals can be provided for you if you become hospitalized or for other reasons need meals brought to your home for your family. You can also volunteer to provide these meals. Please contact the church office ((616) 669-5180 or for more information.