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Update 10/17/17

Here is what is going on with our Houston project.

  • Pastor Marc, Al, and Dwight have wrapped up their visit to Houston to unload the first truck and to connect with Pastor Andy and the folks at New Life.

  • For photos and videos of their experience see below.

  • A second truck has been generously donated and we are hoping to get one the road around Oct. 28.

    • About "30 feet" of that trailer will be filled with items already in hand, but we are hoping to obtain items to fill the second trailer

    • Some thoughts about the best use of this space will come from the conversations and experiences of Marc, Al, and Dwight.  Requests for items will go out in the next day or two as it becomes more clear what items are most needed.

    • Some of you have donated financially - and donated generously.  Thank you.  All gifted funds so far have gone toward the purchase of what has gone into the truck (or is sitting on the dock waiting to go!).  There is still a fund (Georgetown CRC; memo line:  Houston relief) that can receive contributions.

    • If you have questions, e-mail relief@georgetowncrc.org or contact the church office.  The staff team will point you toward the right person if one of us can't help.

  • Remember to tell the story of God and your church community.  Along the way, everybody has been doing "what they do"; no heroics here, just activating our relationships and letting God do the rest.

What can you do?

  • Stand by for a new list of items to fill the second truck.  Also, more information will come about volunteering to help load the second truck.

  • If you would like to donate items through Amazon.com, we have established an Amazon Gift registry (items will be shipped directly to Houston). Here’s a link to that gift registry:  http://bit.ly/reliefamazonlist

  • Financial contributions can be submitted to the church office, please indicate “Georgetown CRC – Houston Relief” with your gift.



The Story, Updated

It was Mid-September when a truck driving couple in our congregation called the church office and said, “Pastor, we’ve prayed about this and talked to our boss.  We’ll donate the time, my boss will donate the truck, if you want a trailer for Houston relief, it’s yours.”  He would go on to say, “with my life and my schedule, I can’t do much for the church, but I can drive a truck, that’s what I know how to do.”

Our staff went into overdrive – sometimes with a clutch and sometimes without.  We contacted World Renew, connected with another Christian Reformed Church in Houston, and we said, “what do you need, we have a 53’ trailer?”  Weeks later they told us and our jaws dropped at the lists of items.  The need was bottomless.

We decided to put it out there – out to you.  We said, “activate your connections, see what can happen.  Here’s a great, non-threatening way to connect with your neighbors, business connections, and everyone in your orbit.  Cash in favors and talk it up.”  We wanted this to be as much about you and your connections as a relief effort.

Some of you gave money, your time away from work, and your own possessions.  Thank you.  Some of you took risks and had new conversations with people not connected to a church – thank you!  We would hear back from many of them who said, “this is exactly what the church should be doing – God bless you Georgetown!”

Some of you stood long shifts at the trailer without a lot of drop-off traffic; thank you for that.  You were sometimes met by skeptical folk and you may have had some skepticism of your own.  You did this as individuals and in some cases, couples.  Thank you for that.

A 53’ trailer was packed tight – tighter than the driver had ever seen a trailer packed.  It was packed to the very last inch and personal messages of love and good wishes (Godly graffiti) were written on the cardboard from Georgetown and West Michigan.

Our 53 foot truck was not enough.  You see, if we pack tight, we have another 30 feet of donated items that did not fit on our truck.  There was no Thule big enough to put on the top of that semi-trailer.  We needed a bigger truck!

In worship on October 15, moments after the need for more space was shared with the congregation, a second truck was donated. It was donated with one string attached, that truck must be filled as well!

As we considered the best ways to fill the second truck, Pastor Marc, Al, and Dwight delivered the first truck in person to Pastor Andy and our new friends at New Life in Houston.  Their images and stories are included in the media below.

Humanly speaking, all of this began because one person said, “I can’t do much for the church, but here’s what I can do.”  It is amazing what can happen when we approach our life together with that attitude, with that Spirit.  We will surely have more to show and more to tell, but this is the firstfruits from the staff.  This is what Georgetown does.  This is what God does.  This is what love does!  To God alone be the glory!

October 16 visit: