Room At The Inn

Dear Georgetown,
We have been looking for ways in which we might be able to help the community, and we think we have found something meaningful. Our Deacons have found a way we can concretely help people in need. We'd love for you to consider participating in ways that you are able.

Short-term and transitional housing is a huge need in Ottawa County under normal circumstances, and COVID-19 has only magnified this problem. The Holland Rescue Mission has partnered with local hotels and arranged for families to have access at the rate of $59 per night. The Rescue Mission has secured six rooms for a month and is reaching out to its partner organizations in the hope of securing 20 additional rooms for a month.
We would like to help the Rescue Mission make that happen. If you would like to donate funds for a family for a night, please send a donation or donations in $59 increments to Georgetown, payable to Georgetown, and mark on the memo line: Room at the Inn. If you cannot contribute the full night's stay, feel free to do what you can. If you can buy more than one night, we encourage you to do so.