Georgetown Pastors and Staff


Doug Kamstra

Specialized Transitional Minister
[email protected]



Ministry Directors

Allie Bruursema

Director of Music and Worship
[email protected]


Elizabeth Hager

Special Services Coordinator
[email protected]

Ron Terpstra

Facilities and Ground Maintenance Coordinator
[email protected]


Amy Koetsier

Director of Community Relationships
[email protected]

Amy Koetsier is all about connections. In the past, her work as a handywoman was about repair, renovation, and restoring things when they were broken. Now, she brings that skillset to people and relationships and helps Georgetown deepen and expand our connections with the wider community and world. Get to know Amy and you will find someone with a soft heart for the hurting and ready hands to help.


Sherri Kleyn

Financial Assistant
[email protected]

Sherri Kleyn is our “keeper” – not quite our zookeeper – but our bookkeeper, numbers keeper, and the one who maintains a lot of important things that are unseen. When things go in her vault, they stay there - that fits her giftset well. She is a solid, trustworthy, confidant that is remarkably warm for someone who works with so many numbers. Sherri is the glad mother of two daughters and the wife of one man who is very Rich (that’s his name). In her regular life, Sherri is a good neighbor and friend, a lover of football, dogs, and selected home improvement projects. She keeps improving us too – and we’re grateful.

Sara Duggins

Administrative Assistant
[email protected]

Sara Duggins is our staff member who is the first friendly face you will see – or hear – when you engage our church office. Sara possesses an uncommon warmth and sensitivity and a can-do attitude. Undoubtedly, this comes from growing up in the fertile muck of Georgetown and continuing that growth in the fertile soil of Calvin University! Sara loves the arts: graphic arts, music, and literature – her favorite being the Harry Potter novels. In her spare time, she enjoys hand-sewing a quilt that is years in the making.

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